Стиральная машина Miele PW 6080 – видео

Miele PW 6065 Plus AV Обзор программ и Сервисное меню Miele

Обзор, описание стиральной машинки Miele Professional PW 6065 Plus AV: 1. Меню программ 2. Как зайти в сервисное меню 3 ...

Miele PW6080 Commercial Washing Machine Running Through Quick Wash With Towels Inside

In this video we are testing one of our Miele PW6080 commercial washing machines on a quick wash with towels inside.

Review and Demonstration of Miele PW6055 little giant commercial washing machine

a Complete review and Demonstration of the Miele PW6055 Little giant commercial washing machine that costs between ...

Miele Professional PW6080 commercial washing machine running a quick wash programme with towels.

In this video I am running this Miele PW6080 commercial washing machine to check if it progresses through the programme ...

Miele Professional Laundry Series Review by E&S Trading

Exclusive to E&S Trading, Miele Professional series takes the performance and reliability of commercial laundry appliances right ...

Replacing A Dump Valve Seal On A Miele PW6080 Commercial Washing Machine

Today's video is of a dump valve seal replacement on a Miele PW6080 commercial washing machine. A little bit fiddly as I haven't ...

Miele Professional PW6065 Vario AV - Overview

Overviewing and showing all the cycles and options on the Miele Professional PW6065 Vario AV Holiday washer! This machine is ...

Miele PW 6080

Special Program by User "WHITE ++"

SLS Savoy Hotel complete laundry Installation

Our latest project installed at The Savoy Hotel, London. 5 x Miele PW6321 WASHERS, 5 X PT8807 GAS DRYERS, 1 X Miele ...

Miele PW 6080 Prog. Désinfection 60

Désinfection Chimico Thermique 60 c. 20 Minutes.

Miele Professional launderette: Miele PW 6065 Plus

High Quality Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2_abdHpf0Y&fmt=18 In this video, I'm doing a boil wash in the Miele ...


Lavage coton en double vitesse.

Miele PW 200 - 75Grad Kochwäsche

Die erste Wäsche in meiner neuen Waschmaschine. Gewaschen wird mit Ariel Color Pulver. Endschleudern mit 1400 u/min.

Miele Professional PW6065 Vario - Towelling 95ºc

ATTENTION ALL VIEWERS: FlorenceBallardA3060 does NOT take any requests for any reason…anyone who comments asking for requests ...

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